Satoshis Trading Toolkit

Satoshis Trading Toolkit


We are providing private acquisition of tools to protect digital assets held by you and your business:

  • mobile VPN security,
  • decentralized mesh networking ,
  • perpetually air-gapped self-custody kept cold or made warm,
  • a Sims card wallet self-custody of phone # payments, and
  • mobile phone compatible MFA key

When all properly combined and used these 10 tools can result in a fully secured, mobilized, and decentralized banking arrangement.

Contact us is you would like to switch out any items from the 10 included in our curated list for others not included in our standard package. Additional tool suggestions are always welcome as well.


  1. Perpetually air-gapped cold wallet, secure cold/warm hardware storage of private keys
  2. Sims card wallet, accept Bitcoin payments sent to a phone number with the private keys stored on the Sims card
  3.  Phone MFA key, prevent hackers from remotely accessing your device and the software kept on it
  4. Mobile VPN router, privately use public WiFi hotspots when traveling or remotely accessing from offsite for maximum protection of personally identifiable data
  5. Anti-malware subscription protects clip-boards, keylogs, and banking records

+ everything included in the basic package:

  • USB authentication key, prevent remote account, wallet, and device access
  • USB Bitcoin bearer stick, private key storage that can be transferred hand-to-hand for an off-chain transaction done anonymously, instantly, and free of fees (make for easy liquidity and deep storage for retirement, estate, or backup planning)
  • recovery seed storage, stamped titanium for long term backup data for cold wallets
  • USB Hardware wallet, store multiple private keys segregated onto individual mini-SD cards with both a “dummy wallet” and a “secret wallet” kept on the device
  • The Tao of Bitcoin Banking  Paperback and eBook, operations manual for Bitcoin Bankers to organize their many categories of concern using the everchanging and fast-evolving landscape of the crypto seas.
  • Bitcoin Banking Online Course  On-demand education, providing written, audio, and video walk-throughs of the 200 or so websites providing the hardware, software, and accounts for use as an international Bitcoin merchant mariner.
  • 1-hr (0.05 BTC) Private Consultation, customized Q&A session offering guidance on preparing your vessels, your crew, and yourself as Captain, to venture into the crypto seas
  • 1-year ($25) private membership, granting access to private channels, groups, and live Q&A webinars


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