Mesh Network Communications Toolkit

Mesh Network Communications Toolkit


Personal private communications networking hardware:

  • Bluetooth doggle,
  • Mesh networking smart phone,
  • USB WiFi antenna signal booster,
  • Solar charger/battery,
  • The Tao of Bitcoin Banking paperback & eBook

All privately purchased from the manufacturer and shipped to you without personally identifiable information being associated with the devices. Especially if the Bitcoin payment discount is taken advantage of, rather than using Fiat through Paypal or a credit card. Acting as your personal Bitcoin Banking shopper, we’ll execute your purchase order to your selected mailing address and promptly delete it from our records once delivery has been confirmed. For Bitcoin payments, all that need be shared with us is an email address and the shipment address. Our default policy is to only keep the email address for contacting you with special offers in the future and you can unsubscribe from at any time.


  • a users-manual that includes over 175 active hotlinks to resources for Bitcoin Banking operations,

This Personal Mesh Networking Toolkit provides decentralized communications enabling private calls, texts, and transaction signing without any central authority providing permission while tracking your movements and usage of the network. Protecting the “last mile” of Bitcoin Banking operations while providing private communications within your local network of trusted associates.


  1. Gotenna/TxTenna- bluetooth mesh networking doggle, integrated with Samourai wallet for off-line decentralized transaction signing 
  2. VolkFimesh networking enabled phone and home router (taking pre-orders for January 2020 deliveries) 
  3. TurboTenna Plug-n-play USB high-speed WiFi antenna with built-in RF signal booster 
  4. Solar charger/batter- both a battery and a solar charger, used  to power devices from anywhere the sun shines
  5. Tao of Bitcoin Banking paperback and eBook, to provide strategies and tactics to apply in order to safely put the Bitcoin Banking toolkit into use.
  6. 1-year membership access to private channels, groups, and webinars to stay up to date on tools, tactics, and strategies for use as a Bitcoin Banker

For a single fiat payment of $1,690, we’ll place the orders for the hardware to be shipped directly from the manufacturers to your location. Protecting your pseudo-anonymity by keeping your name, address, Paypal, and bank accounts from becoming associated with your Bitcoin banking devices. Placing ourselves as a privacy-protecting prophylactic payment layer to obfuscate your own meta-data while avoiding adding ourselves to the supply chain of custody.  If the payment is made in Bitcoin then apply a 20% discount and send only $1,350 USD worth of BTC as payment.


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