ELLIPAL Titan wallet

ELLIPAL Titan wallet


Digital Asset Self-Custody, granting piece of mind.

Once you’ve eliminated remote, hardwired, and physical attacks, you can sleep at night knowing your private keys are safely kept in your custody and your mnemonic recovery phrase has been durably been backed up offsite.

This highly secure, yet easily liquid, hardware wallet provides the rare combination of ease of use and secure self custody of your digital assets. For Traders and entrepreneurs it offers an accessible air gapped self-custodied digital asset key management solution, with a low educational barrier to entry for new users. For businesses, the staff training costs on its use will be minimal, there is an abundance of digital assets that can be stored on it, and the Ellipal Titan is integrated with Binance DEX so assets can easily and safely be moved from one blockchain to another.

Making the Ellipal Titan an important tool in the toolbox of both Traders and Businesses. For those HODLers ready to take their level of play in the game to another level, this is not a tool to leave out of the toolbox.


Ellipal Titan

Airgapped security, Hotwallet convenience

Metal Mnemonic backup

Recovery data protected against nature, time, and remote access.

Ordered through Satoshis Toolbox, and the purchasing meta-data is protected, keeping anyone from knowing that you’ve even bought purchase built crypto hardware. Our flat rate fee includes free shipping to your private mailing address, while we operate as your proxy paying for your hardware through our accounts. Effectively “mixing” your hardware, just as “coinjoin” protocols do your coins, as no virtual observers will know for certain which device ordered went to whom. This is made even more effective with customized bundled purchases, as then even the amounts transacted between our wallets won’t disclose data potentially revealing the exact items purchased. That’s why we suggest that you bundle the ordering of your MFA keys and, if you don’t already have one, a password manager subscription service and/or anti-malware services. For those interested in advanced play in the decentralization game, purchasing a mesh networking bundle will empower sovereign control over the last mile of the blockchain recording of crypto transactions.

We are offering the marketplace “confidential purchases”, not just “transactions”.


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