Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters

Privacy is hard-won, easily lost, and once lost often never regained. Our privacy is fragile and can be lost in many ways and inadvertently expose details that we don’t mean to, i.e. our devices, our location/s, our identities, our wallets, etc. Keeping our privacy regarding any and all of these data points requires not only disciplined operational practices, but also the right software and hardware tools.

Many new hardware tools have become available due to the marketplace’s demands for trusted solutions that will protect our privacy. These may take the form of identity verification keys, offline storage devices for our crypto keys, and both mobile or desktop devices that provide physical shut off switches for the camera, microphone, WiFi, and Bluetooth capabilities.

A problem that currently exists for all Bitcoin Bankers is that many of these privacy solutions are only available for purchase with Fiat payments that require the exposure of our banking information at every website that we use to purchase our hardware for use in managing our private banking arrangements. Information that is tied to our personal identities, bank accounts, and residences which can be used to not only steal our identities and to remove the pseudo-anonymity of our crypto wallets.

A basic Bitcoin Banker’s arrangement should include a trusted password manager and a physical authentication key, with a hardware wallet, a metal paper wallet, and a form of off chain bearer crypto device. The password manager and multi-factor authentication key provide security by requiring one to both know something and have something in order to spend the funds. The hardware wallet acts as a savings account for use to top-off the software wallet “checking accounts”. The metal paper wallet protects against loss of the hardware wallet enabling recovery of funds if it ever becomes necessary. The perpetually offline bearer crypto device becomes a form of long-term investment for HODLing for retirement or estate planning that avoids both probate and inheritance taxes.

This basic Bitcoin Banking toolkit prepares you for becoming an active trader which will require malware protection, a physical mobile authentication key, a privacy-centric mobile device, a perpetually air gapped hardware wallet, and an easily spendable form of crypto bearer bond. The anti-malware protects key logs and clip boards on your devices. The mobile MFA key protects your mobile devices against remote hacking and Sims porting. The privacy phone adds another level of obscurity to your mobile defenses keeping anyone from connecting the device to your identity and from gaining access to the microphone and camera or bluetooth and WiFi antennas. The air gapped hardware wallet keeps the private keys available for reloading the hotwallets while allowing for direct spending on large purchases when desired. The easily accessed bearer bond provides an easy means of providing liquidity that can be easily be reloaded as a form of crypto pre-paid debit card.

All these items work together to compartmentalize and segregate your funds as a form of risk management. While establishing security that protects against remote access armoring-up your devices that are best used only for Bitcoin Banking purposes. Each of the devices requires appropriate operational security practices as every website visited and every time the phone number is shared the surface area exposed to threats increases. Even the strongest armor and most effective weapons require discipline and training in order for them to work as intended. The human element is the weak link in blockchain technology, so the wise will first invest in their own education, both time and money. As is well known, a fool and his money are soon parted and a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Just as you wouldn’t buy a sailboat and venture into the deep blue sea of international waters, it would be a foolish risk to venture into the crypto seas without mentoring under an experienced Captain. The international waters of the crypto seas are unpredictable, unsupervised, and unforgiving of mistakes. There are no take-backs in crypto, prepare accordingly. Trust no one, not even yourself. All information is to be independently verified in this trustless realm.

Sail safe my friends… and remember, calm waters do not make a great Captain. Certainty is unattainable, confidence is the best one can achieve. We are here to help you get there.

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