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Satoshis Toolbox

We are here to provide convenience, security, and most of all, PRIVACY protection when purchasing your privacy protection devices; physical multi-factor authentication keys, secure private key storage and back ups, devices to access the internet, and prophylactic protections when doing so. These tools and our cut-out buyers agent service are not for intended for those with more time than money, if that is the case you should purchase the items individually because you do not have enough assets to be a worthwhile target to hackers. This service is for those with more money, or credit, than time. Those that have assets worth enough to justify investing in digital defensive armor and enough demands on their attention to justify both the convenience and added privacy that our bundled purchasing service provides. We are providing the same value proposition when it comes to purchasing your privacy hardware as having a local registered agent open your Wyoming LLC will provide--obscurity regarding the identity of the man behind the mask that the registered agent provides-- We help to mask the identity of the true purchaser of these hardware items keeping your payment information, IP address, and true physical location limited in exposure by only collecting the bare minimum of data from you and deleting it from our own records once the deliveries from the manufacturers has been confirmed. Due to the added fees, compliance costs, and chargeback risks we charge 20% more for payments made in fiat than for those made in BTC.

Personalized Bitcoin Banking

We are providing operational guidance to help Bitcoin Banker's take the helm of their own crypto vessels. Our Personal Bitcoin Banking Toolkit provides the foundational cryptosecurity devices that every Bitcoin banker needs: a cybersecurity key to protect access to devices and accounts, a custodial vault for deep storage of larger amounts held for the long-term , Bitcoin Bearer Bonds that form vaults for loved ones, a crypto-backed pre-paid debit card that spends like Fiat, durable passphrase backup storage, and annual subscription with a password manager.

Private Traders Toolkit

All private Bticoin Traders will be wise to add to their personal banking toolkit with: even more secure custodial vault to hold business savings, more convenient custodial vaults kept both cold and hot for use retail exchanging , a mobile MFA key to protect our phones and tablets, a mobile VPN router and anti-malware account both adding security,

Satoshis Business Banking Toolkit

Designed to provide foundational tools for Bitcoin Traders to build their Bitcoin Banking arrangements on. Including a dedicated server to host your own node, a desktop VPN router to firewall online operations, a dedicated privacy friendly laptop with hardwired on/off switches for the microphone, camera, bluetooth, and WiFi antennas, a military grade cold storage vault, and an established Bitcoin business entity registered in a crypto friendly regulatory jurisdiction. Altogether used form a crypto vault, a bank account, a secure device to manage operational software and accounts, a secured means of transmitting transactions, and a copy of the entire Bitcoin ledger on your own BTC node providing security, a Lightning node providing low cost fast transactions,, and a BTCpayserver providing private zero-fee payment processing.

What People Say

Reviews of "The Tao of Bitcoin Banking"

What People Say

Articles as to Why we do what we do and suggestions regarding standard operational security procedures, as well as commentary on current developments in the realm.

How to confidently operate a Bitcoin business…

The waters of the crypto seas are cold and unforgiving, with many predators just waiting for an opening that would allow them to feast on your virtual assets. Failure could be catastrophic. Proper skills, tools, and balance are required to...

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Privacy Matters

Privacy is hard-won, easily lost, and once lost often never regained. Our privacy is fragile and can be lost in many ways and inadvertently expose details that we don't mean to, i.e. our devices, our location/s, our identities, our wallets,...

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The Irishman; thuggery as seen through a Bitcoin lens.

Rather than providing access to the cash in one's pocket wallet, a bullet to the head is ineffective against a brain-wallet. It is now possible to mitigate the risks of thuggery by viewing capital assets through a Bitcoin lens. With...

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